At Chrysalis Creative Home Staging, we stage Calgary homes.  What does ‘staging’ actually mean?  Well, to start, we are not decorators.  We are Real Estate Marketing Professionals, plain and simple.  We work with Real Estate professionals and home owners as part of a marketing team.

Our job is to help make your house appeal to the widest possible number of prospective buyers.  Simply stated, we use proven design methods based on behavioural science to maximize a home’s value, keeping equity in the homeowner’s pocket .   We will stage your Calgary Home to help you sell your home quickly and for more money.

We strategically place colour, furnishings and artwork to make your listing photos ‘pop’, and we ensure your home is just as inviting in person.   The key is to help prospective buyers immediately feel at home.

Listed Property Assessment and Showcasing Services
Chrysalis offers different levels of staging involvement to Calgary home sellers and real estate agents:

  • Barriers to Sale Assessment – We use ‘buyers’ eyes’ to take note of features to highlight and those that could be a barrier to sale. We walk through a property with the homeowner to discuss our assessment ensuring they understand their options. We compile a report which is left with the homeowner immediately after our visit, indicating work that could be completed before list and property showcasing to help optimize the home’s appeal.
  • Walk and Talk Assessment – For homes that have been updated and need little or no ‘work’ done, our Walk and Talk assessment gives home owners the opportunity to spend an hour or so with us to discuss optimal placement of their furnishings, artwork and accessories. The home owner is free to take notes and ask questions as we walk through. The home owner does their own work to get their home list photo ready.
  • Showcasing of Occupied Home – We work with homeowners own furnishings to maximize the appeal of their home. This service can be expanded to include customized packages of carefully selected art and accessories to help the house shine in the most cost effective manner.
  • Showcasing of Vacant Home – We work with our preferred suppliers to provide furnishings that will optimize a vacant space. Then we add one of our customizable accessory packages to ensure the property is appealing and tastefully appointed.
  • Two or Four Hour Photo Ready Service – We know it’s easy to ‘run out of steam’ when you’re readying a home for sale. We offer a couple of packages to help you through crunch time. If all you need is a little push to get you past the finish line for photos, we’re glad to come in the day before or the day of your photo appointment to make sure things look as good as they possibly can.

That old saying ‘You only get one chance to make a good first impression’ is very true when selling your house. Most real estate searches begin on line. When a potential buyer searches through listing after listing, how will our property stand out from the others?

Stage for Living, Redesign and Other Services
We also offer:

  • Stage for Living – or homeowners who aren’t selling but want to bring a breath of fresh air into their existing properties.
  • Move in Staging – We offer furniture and artwork placement advice in your new home too!
  • Home Buyers finish selections – We can help you choose finishes for your home during build or renovation.
  • Corporate Staging – We also offer staging services for your corporate office.
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